Kind Words…

The following testimonials are words taken from clients who have engaged in one to one work with myself…

“I originally met Gareth through the NHS as I had periods of severe anxiety that seemed irrational and uncontrollable. Even though I was performing well at work and had a strong and supportive friend and family group, I still felt ‘not good enough’ and that one day i would be found out and I’d lose everything! In nearly every session with Gareth, I felt like I experienced revelations about anxiety: I thought I knew everything there was to know on the subject, but with his coaching i was able to gain deep insight into what subconscious beliefs drove my behaviour that perpetuated the anxiety. I learnt so much, and through understanding how my brain was wired I was able to start slowly changing my behaviour. After the NHS sessions ended, I sought Gareth out for life-coaching on a private basis as I found his style of coaching and therapy to be unlike any other therapy I’ve had before: unique, insightful and importantly results based! With his help, I now have far more balance and contentness. I have become aware of my drive to ‘be the best’ in order to cover up this underlying feeling of not being good enough. It doesn’t mean the underlying feelings aren’t still there – but I understand them now, and Gareth has taught me to ‘make friends’ with the parts of myself I previously didn’t like, and this outlook has changed my approach to almost everything and created a far more harmonious and less anxious lifestyle.” ~ Christian (London – 2020)

“I came to Gareth at a time when I was having a bit of a crisis of confidence in my career and needed answers about what to do next.  Of course, he didn’t tell me.  Instead, he allowed me to find my own way out by listening patiently, asking me the right questions and offering some reflections on what I had said.  I never had the sense that he was telling me what I wanted to hear.  In fact I remember clearly a couple of occasions when he said something that made me sit up and re-evaluate my position.  However, I always left the sessions feeling listened to, supported and a bit more empowered as to what to do next. In total, I had just six sessions.  In that time, I had loads of little ‘mind hacks’ to get me through issues that I had been finding challenging and by the end I had made the choices  needed to move forward.  Since then, I have felt more comfortable about the decisions I made and that I make now.  I also believe it made me a more bearable human being to those around me, my friends and family, who would have otherwise heard me witter on about things that they were unable to help me with. It was really good to talk to Gareth, but he did much more than listen; he held up a torch in the darkness.” ~ ZM (London)

 “I think everybody should do therapy at one point in their life. I’m glad I started therapy with Gareth in August 2019. I was approaching a very stressful and challenging period of my life. Gareth helped me navigate in those tumultuous times in a very warm and human way. His tools allowed me to have a better understanding of my emotions and not feel overwhelmed. As I was progressing, he adjusted his approach from therapy to coaching according to my needs. He is always fast at answering and remains flexible for those unexpected difficulties in life. I highly recommend Gareth.” ~ Vanessa (Switzerland)

“Just wanted to send a quick note to say Thank You for the work we’ve done together and the tools you’ve furnished me with in the last couple months. I look back to where I was 6 months ago and had things been different I think I would have continued down that path without much control of my life (like a ‘wandering generalist’).” ~ L.J. (2019)

“Gareth is very understanding and made me feel fully accepted as a person, there wasn’t a moment I felt uncomfortable sharing my experience with him. He made our therapy sessions very pleasant and easy going and by making me take one step at a time made me understand that what I was going through was very normal and treatable. When during our sessions I mentioned that I was having reoccurring dreams not related to my PTSD, Gareth went with me through a healing process straight away which only took a few minutes but got rid of the dreams entirely. His attitude shows a real concern for the patients’ well being, he gave me very practical blueprints to apply when needed and I must say that all the sessions we had brought something useful into my life, and most importantly – healed me from PTSD as I’m no longer reacting to reminders of my motorbike accident I had last summer ” ~ E.J. (2018)

“I just want to say a massive thank you, when I look back at how I was a few months ago, I wouldn’t of been able to get to where I am without your help. I genuinely mean that! You’re incredible at what you do and I am confident in saying that I know you have made a lot of people’s minds a better place to be. At all times you made me feel like I was okay, I wasn’t an alien and that things aren’t as bad as they may seem. It has been refreshing for me to finally have had a therapist who I can actually connect with, be understood by, and someone who doesn’t make me feel like I am just another client on their list. That is why I believe I am healing, because you made me believe I was capable of it. I am honestly grateful.” ~ S.E. (2018)

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