Holding Up A Mirror To Your Mind

coaching self-awareness self-discovery self-reflection who am i Oct 09, 2022

Self-reflection is defined as 'the witnessing and evaluating of our own internal patterns, including our cognitive, emotional and behavioural processes'.

It's the way we develop an understanding of ourselves, becoming aware of our values and motivations that drive our thinking, speech and actions.

It could be said to be like holding a mirror up to your mind.

In a self-reflective process we are continuously developing our awareness of ourselves and with this comes the power of choice and potential change.

"Why did I do that thing I didn't really want to do?"

"What made me say that?"

"How could I improve in that situation next time it arises?"

"What did I do well in this project?"

By stepping back and consciously reflecting on your patterns and asking questions around them you can learn and grow both inwardly and outwardly at a much quicker rate than if not engaged with in this way.

"When I change the way I look at things, the things I look at change." ~ Wayne Dyer

As you reflect, you create space between you and the pattern, you create a gap for you to choose differently if something hasn't been working out for you, and by choosing to think, speak or act differently you're likely to find yourself with a new and different outcome that may serve you better than the previous one did.

Start by setting an intention to take just 5-10 minutes at the end of each day to reflect on a couple of questions...

"What went well for me today?"

"What didn't go as well as I had hoped?"

"What could I improve upon tomorrow?"

See what comes up for you, see what insights arise and how they can help you moving forwards.

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