How To Break Free From Yourself, So You Can Transform Your Mind From Inner Struggle And Stress To Inner Calm And Success!

The Self-Discovery Kickstarter is your first step to shifting from stuck, stressed-out and struggling with yourself to embracing a calmer mind, becoming more accepting and compassionate of yourself and your loved ones, and stepping into a deeper awareness and connection with yourself.

Get to know yourself at a deeper level so you can start to choose differently, step out of the conditioned path you have been locked within, and ultimately discover your highest truth, power and potential.

The Self-Discovery Kickstarter

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Hi, I'm Gareth...

I'm a Cognitive Behavioural Therapist and Neuroscience-based Results Coach.

I combine the best of psychotherapy and coaching with ideas and concepts from science, philosophy and spirituality to ignite your inner-growth and set you up with the wisdom, knowledge, and tools to transform your insights into action.

My aim is to help you kickstart your self-discovery journey so you can reconnect with the present moment and create your fullest and most joyful future.