DISCOVERY 360 | Coaching Program

Change happens from the inside out… so when you change yourself, you change the world!”


Is your life as you imagined it would be by now? Is it the life you hoped or dreamed about living?

Have you ever felt trapped or stuck in repetitive patterns that you just can’t seem to break?

Maybe life is actually going good for you right now but you desire more and you want to get there quicker and easier than what you currently see as being possible?

Let me introduce you to Discovery 360!

Hi, I’m Gareth, a Neuroscience-based Results Coach and Cognitive Behavioural Therapist. Discovery 360 is my one to one coaching program where, if you choose to come on board, we will work together to develop your self-awareness, transform your mindset and tap into your inner creative power so you can start living life on your own terms.

What will Discovery 360 give you and how will it impact your life?

  • Expand your self-awareness and become the CEO of your own mind
  • Become a better leader and inspire those around you
  • Connect to your higher purpose in life
  • Transform your mind and move past your inner-roadblocks
  • Achieve your desired work-life balance
  • Improve your relationships and connect more deeply with those close to you
  • Develop a mindful attitude and a focused mindset
  • Gain clarity over your core values to help navigate your future
  • Take your career or your business to the next level
  • Increase your confidence and your decision making skills
  • Create your personal vision for a fulfilled and connected life

This list of benefits to developing your self-awareness and understanding yourself goes on and on and spans all areas of your life!

What’s does the Discovery 360 program look like?

2 x Exploration Sessions

  • Our starter point, two deep dive sessions where we will explore you and your life in full, connecting the dots between your past and your present, highlighting any key areas of focus and linking these up with your overall intentions and goals. This is where we will create your Personalized Mind Map, igniting the beginning of your transformational journey where insights are born and your self-awareness starts to grow.

2 x One to One Discovery Coaching Sessions – Every Month

  • Discovery 360 is a 6 month program where we will engage in two monthly 1-2-1 coaching sessions that provide the space for you to explore yourself, discover insights and create actions that move you towards your goals and intentions. Working from the structure of the unique and powerful Self-Discovery Coaching model we will be connecting with your unconscious mind to make the positive changes required and developing the inner resources that will carry you forwards through this program and beyond.

Vision Creation Session

  • As we begin to make progress in the coaching program this extra session will help you to start building a new vision of your life, full of clarity and focus. The vision will be empowered by the deeper self-awareness you will have developed throughout the program. We will tap into your core values, life purpose and your inner-creative power to help map out your new story and your future life that you can start moving into straight away with a lot more ease and excitement.

The Self-Discovery Toolkit

On top of everything above you will also have access to the following benefits to support your growth and progress:

  • Psychometrics – Helping to guide our work together as well as develop your self-awareness and aid your progress.
  • Video Toolkit – Regular videos full of tools, tips and guidance to give you further support in-between sessions along your journey.
  • Activity Worksheets – Available for you to download to help you to reflect on yourself, implement what you are learning and take action.
  • Mindfulness & Meditation – Access to regular live and recorded mindful practices and meditations, both being key components towards developing your self-awareness.

Does all of this connect with you?

If so, it’s important that we connect on a personal level too so please complete the below form or drop me an email and I’ll be in touch with you to arrange a Discovery Session.

Knowing others is intelligence. Knowing yourself is true wisdom. Mastering others is strength. Mastering yourself is true power.”
~ Lau Tzu